Refocus! Refocus! Refocus! It’s a chant we’ve all sung to ourselves as we try to keep steady. The tedious balance between work, family, friends, and a thousand other responsibilities seems difficult to maintain.  Life has a way of wearing on us, of bogging us down with stress and negativity.

We believe at BHSOM that we are not meant to live this way.  We recognize that the beach possesses an intangible power — whenever we walk on the sandy shores, or throw a line out into the waves, or jump into the salty water, our worries take a back seat.  All of the toxicity of our day steeps away, if just for a moment.  But what if life is supposed to look like this?  What if every day we could mentally be “at the beach,” that is, be in a state of positivity and peace?  Anything would seem surmountable; anything would be treatable with laughter and a smile.

Marcus Aurelius was wise in saying, “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”  Our hope is to bring more awareness to this, to the power of our thoughts.  “Be a Beach Head” is our way of calling you to embrace the positivity that can be found at the beach.  

A Beach Head is not only someone who loves the beach, but it is also a military term (beachhead), referring to a foothold, a defended position on a beach that has been taken back from the enemy.  We do not do what we do purely for profit; we want to see people break out of their negative outlooks and to take back a life that is filled with peace and joy. Life can be good always. Our goal is to help inform, encourage, empower and support efforts to make that happen for those in need.    

So, in case you wondered, this is the essence of our vision and why we chose the name...