Salty Words

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Woven into this idyllic beach scene you'll find words of life...each expressing a feeling or emotion we all sense in our "happy place".  We are told we are the salt of the earth, lighting up the world. Let these salty words be woven into our minds and our thoughts, thankful that we are loved beyond measure, free to explore this amazing life full of wonder and adventure, knowing  that even in our weaknesses we are made strong, and that peace will always be our guide.  Let our lives remain salty so they become a reflection of the One who is the true Light of this World.  


Our Salty Words design was originally inspired by asking Beach Heads to describe how or what they feel when they're at the Beach.  Artist and fellow Beach Head, Alane Harris wove these words into her design beautifully! You can find more awesome work by Alane on Instagram @lanemarieco

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